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Watch the Video for a Quick Description.

Age or Blend your Liquor, Beer, Wine in your own 

Custom Engraved Home Aging Barrel

Weeks for a smoother liquor, not Years!  Engraving is Included ya Ol' Dog!

-NEED HELP DESIGNING A CUSTOM BARREL?  CLICK HERE to send me an email and I will reply with 3-5 questions. Once you reply, I will email you a rough design of a barrel to start the creative process for your barrel.

-INTERESTED IN TASTING EVENTS?  CLICK HERE to send me an email to get on the list of Tasting Events. I will email you when the events are scheduled; In-person and Virtual Events! 

-INTERESTED IN CUSTOM LABELS FOR YOUR BOURBON BARREL AGED SYRUP?  CLICK HERE to send me an email about a custom label for your syrup. Great for gifts; Holidays, Weddings, Birthdays, Sports Fans, etc...

                                Who / Why Old Dog Barrels?

- If you are an animal person, you know a good part of their life is them as "ol' timers", the best kind of pets. They move a little slower, take more naps and make less noise,  just like a good ol' aged barrel of booze. We mimic that mood with our home aging barrels.  Relax, slow down,  deep breaths and take your time when enjoying your one-of-a-kind aged blend in your custom Home Aging Barrel. Here is a little about me!

-Fast turn-around time!  Could be the fastest custom Home Aging Barrel engraver on the circuit. 

-Mini Aging Barrels not only make the perfect gift, they friggen' work! It is a blast to see people open their gift and see their reaction ... it is even better to see the excitement when the batches are done and you get to share your one-of-a-kind blend, literally.. it IS a one of a kind blend each time your batch a barrel!

-Senior Dog Donations are available on my web store. No reason I can help YOUR old bones, aches and stress with Home Aging Barrels and can't help our loyal old dogs... 

-BONUS =  These Barrels DO NOT require Wi-Fi, cellular service, passwords, batteries, charging or *VR glasses.*However, a certain form of Virtual Reality can be associated with Aging Barrels when used incorrectly.   


Yes, you can customize your barrel ... and you should!   

However, if you need a barrel quickly or are looking for a discount.

Email me directly to ask about my current inventory! I ALWAYS have barrels in stock with random images, sayings and logo's that are for sale at a discounted price!